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I am a postdoctoral scholar at Stanford University, in the Collaborative Haptics and Robotics in Medicine (CHARM) Lab, supervised by Professor Allison Mariko Okamura. Currently, I am working on the design and control of needle-sized flexible robots, work that aims to improve current percutaneous tumor ablation procedures.

I received BE and MS degrees in biomedical engineering from the University of Pisa and a PhD in biorobotics from The BioRobotics Institute of Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies in Pisa, Italy. During my PhD, I specialized in surgical robotics, studying and developing innovative strategies for the actuation and sensing of soft and flexible instruments for applications in MIS (Minimally Invasive Surgery).

I’m passionate about bringing effective robotic solutions in healthcare, enabling more procedures to be performed with less pain for the patient and less struggle for the surgeon.

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ABOUT me..

Nevertheless, these past three years spent in the US, I am glad to admit that I haven’t lost my Italian-Benigni-Tuscan accent at all!

Because yes, I have been sooo lucky to be born and raised in the hills of Tuscany, a place where culture, food, and nature are just in perfect harmony. Homeland of incredible minds of the past, like Brunelleschi, Galileo, Fibonacci and Leo Da Vinci. Perhaps.. the Silicon Valley of the Renaissance!

Even more ABOUT me:

Hobbies: reading novels (in Italian), drawing logos (with letters)

Sports: skiing (which surprisingly I can do also in California), volleyball (beach version too), running (half-marathon, no more), swimming (potentially all day)